Woman reveals how she uses grapefruit halves to clean her bath

Lockdown has provided the perfect opportunity for us to get stuck into some deep cleaning activities.

And TikTok has been on hand to offer some handy hacks.

A woman has shared a brilliant cleaning trick that will not only leave a bathtub sparkling clean, but will also make it smell amazing, too.

TikTok user aligrams3 shared a video explaining that a dazzling, good-as-new tub can be achieved with a grapefruit and some sugar.

She says to take the grapefruit, put some sugar on the fleshy side and then scrub.

‘The acidity helps remove soap scum,’ she explains.

She adds: ‘Nice and clean and smells delicious.’

But this isn’t the only fruity tip @aligrams3 has on her page. There’s also a video in which she shows how to remove grime from a microwave.

In the clip, she pops a lemon into a bowl of water and puts it in the microwave for one minute. She then says to wipe down the edges of the microwave with a clean cloth.

‘So fresh, so clean and smells yummy’ she says.

TikTok has been providing a plethora of household hacks during lockdown – many of which have left users utterly astounded.

Back in May, a woman left users in shock after she revealed how to remove bugs and insects from fruit. She explained that soaking fruit pieces in salty water will push out all the creepy crawlies that are living inside them.

Likewise, a nutritionist has shared how to get the juice out of a lemon, without making a mess. She says to pierce a hole in the bottom of the fruit, using a kitchen skewer, and then to press the fruit so all the juice comes out the end.